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At La Petite Bretonne, we enjoy making our crepes as much as we enjoy savouring them! So all our crepes & galettes are always freshly made to order.

Everyone knows about sweet crepes but at La Petite Bretonne, we are also offering you a diversified and healthy choice of savoury fillings that everyone can enjoy, vegetarian or not.

For private bookings especially, but also, when we are trading in the open, we will always listen to our customer requests, whether it is Allergy concerns, or specific taste choices, if we can do it we will.


We scored a 5 Star rating in our Food and Hygiene Inspection, and we comply to all the Mobile Caterer regulations.
PLease contact us if you have any specific queries.

Sweet Crepes (Sweet pancakes)

Beurre-Sucre (Butter, Sugar)
Sugar & Cinnamon
La Suzette (Lemon & sugar)
Golden Syrup
Toffee or chocolate Sauce
Berry Jam
Salted Caramel
Crème Chantilly

Extra toppings ??? Why not add…

Banana/Coconut shavings/Crushed Biscuits/Chopped Nuts/Marshmallows/Fresh Strawberries/White Chocolate


Strawberry, Chocolate & Whipped Cream… hmmmm


Galettes (Savoury pancakes)

La Brittany (Egg, Carved ham, Emmental)

La Veggie (Goat cheese, Rocket, Walnuts & a touch of Honey)

L’espagnole (French Brie, Spinach & Chorizo)

L’italienne (Red Pesto, Basil, Tomato, Mozzarella)



Brie, Spinach, Chorizo, Black Pepper & Garlic oil… To die for…