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Citroen Hy Conversion

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The Citroen Hy

When Citroen designed the Citroen HY, it was just after the war, there was a real need for a vehicle that was reliable, and practical, both as a vehicle and as a tool for the industries and local businesses that had to rebuild themselves after the shattering effect of the Second World War. And the result was exactly this, a simple but very practical vehicle, that could be used by all sorts of industries. It success is the proof of this statement, it was produced for almost 40 years, between late 1950’s to early 1980’s with little change to the design. But even then Citroen didn’t realise that the success of this vehicle was not only for that generation but also for the next one.

Having been sold mainly in 3 countries, France, Belgium and Holland, around 500.000 vehicles were built. The likable design was not unnoticed by the other countries and in recent year it became a real collector items in the UK, Mainland Europe and around the world.


Our Conversion

In this section I will try put a few things I went through during our HY transformation, that can help people with similar projects.

 1- Here are the different Colour options we explored.
Visuals Courtesy of Source Visualisation –


Images speak louder than words, so we have made a video of the conversion.
Below is a slideshow of the different steps in our journey to make the Citroen Classic, into a Stylish Mobile Crepe Machine.

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